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In this article, Arpit Jain writes about the differences between persist and merge in relation to JPA transaction boundaries. For more details about the persist and merge entity state transitions, check out this article as well.

For functional programming aficionados, TehDev wrote a very interesting article about refactoring towards a transaction monad.

If you’re using Payara Server, check out this article about how you can integrate it with Hibernate 5.

Baeldung published an article about the differences between persist, merge, update, as well as saveOrUpdate.

If you’re using Grails, Michael Scharhag shows you how you can make use of Hibernate filters.

JPA 2.2 has been released, but Hibernate has been supporting Java 1.8 Date and Time, Hibernate-specific @Repeatable annotations and, since 5.1, Java 1.8 streams are supported as well.

If you’re using MySQL, Thorben Janssen has written a list of tips to take into consideration when using Hibernate. If you are interested in more details, then check out the following articles as well:

Debezium is an open-source project developed by Red Hat which allows you to capture transaction events from RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL or NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB and push them to Apache Kafka. For more details, check out this tutorial about using Debezium, MySQL and Kafka.

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