We just released a CR2 of the Bean Validation 2.0 release train (e.g. the specification, the API and the TCK) and, as usual, we release a compatible version of Hibernate Validator shortly after: here comes Hibernate Validator 6.0.0.CR2.

What’s new since CR1

As the final release of Bean Validation is getting closer, we mainly focused on keeping up with the latest spec clarifications and on updating the documentation.

Here are the highlights of this small release:

  • The from of @ConvertGroup and <convert-group> is now optional: it defaults to the Default group.

  • Some last minute changes were made in the Bean Validation API on the naming of the value unwrapping related method: we updated Hibernate Validator accordingly.

  • We made a first pass on the documentation: some things are still missing (mostly about the new value extraction feature) but the documentation should not contain outdated information anymore.

The complete list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes.

Getting 6.0.0.CR2

To get the release with Maven, Gradle etc. use the GAV coordinates org.hibernate.validator:{hibernate-validator|hibernate-validator-cdi|hibernate-validator-annotation-processor}:6.0.0.CR2. Note that the group id has changed from org.hibernate (Hibernate Validator 5 and earlier) to org.hibernate.validator (from Hibernate Validator 6 onwards).

Alternatively, a distribution bundle containing all the bits is provided on SourceForge (TAR.GZ, ZIP).

Feedback, issues, ideas?

To get in touch, use the usual channels:

What’s next?

As we published the Proposed Final Draft, we are in the final stretch for Bean Validation 2.0, so if you spot any remaining issues or shortcomings in the spec draft, please let us know as soon as possible.

Testing the Reference Implementation is also a good way to help us finalize both the specification and the next major version of Hibernate Validator, now is the time!

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