We are making good progress working on Bean Validation 2.0 and we decided to move the target version for BV 2.0 to Hibernate Validator 6 (see more at the end of this post!).

We did not want to leave 5.3 half backed so we are preparing a 5.3 release with bugfixes, additional translations…​ and a few new features. This Candidate Release 1 is the first step towards this process. Expect a quick 5.3.0.Final release after that so please test this version as thoroughly as possible and report any bugs you may find in it!

Programmatic API for constraint definition and declaration

The experimental notion of ConstraintDefinitionContributor has been removed in favor of a new fluid API, more consistent with what already existed in Validator.

If you want to define a new ValidPassengerCount constraint annotation which relies on a ValidPassengerCountValidator validator, you can use the API as follows:

ConstraintMapping constraintMapping = configuration.createConstraintMapping();

    .constraintDefinition( ValidPassengerCount.class )
        .validatedBy( ValidPassengerCountValidator.class );

It can also be used to replace the implementation of the validator used for a given annotation constraint. Say you need to support International Domain Names (IDN) in your URL validation, the default URLValidator won’t work for you as it uses java.net.URL which does not support IDN. We provide an alternative RegexpURLValidator and you might want to use it in this case:

ConstraintMapping constraintMapping = configuration.createConstraintMapping();

    .constraintDefinition( URL.class )
        .includeExistingValidators( false )
        .validatedBy( RegexpURLValidator.class );

Constraint mapping contributor*s*

Thanks to the new hibernate.validator.constraint_mapping_contributors property, you can now declare several constraint mapping contributors separated by a comma, whereas you were limited to only one before.

Note that in 5.3, the existing hibernate.validator.constraint_mapping_contributor property is still supported but has been deprecated.

The deprecated hibernate.validator.constraint_mapping_contributor property will be removed as of Hibernate Validator 6.

Email validation

We changed the way email validation is done. It is now both more correct and stricter. We know of a few people running random tests on the constraints and they might have to update their tests: the domain of the email now needs to be a valid domain with each label (part between 2 dots) being at most 63 characters long. So you can’t just generate a 80 characters long domain with random characters, you need to be a bit more careful.


We added a few new translations of messages of the constraints we provide:

  • an Arabic translation thanks to Kathryn Killebrew

  • a Russian translation thanks to Andrey Derevyanko

Several other translations were updated.

What else is there?

Other changes of this release are an upgrade of all our Maven dependencies and a few fixes and polishing here and there.

You can find the complete list of all addressed issues in the change log.

To get the release with Maven, Gradle etc. use the GAV coordinates org.hibernate:{hibernate-validator|hibernate-validator-cdi|hibernate-validator-annotation-processor}:5.3.0.CR1.

Alternatively, a distribution bundle containing all the bits is provided on on SourceForge (TAR.GZ, ZIP).

To get in touch, use the following channels:

Next stop?

We are actively working on Bean Validation 2.0 and Hibernate Validator 6 with a strong focus on supporting Java 8 new features (and much more!). The more the merrier, so feel free to join us: drop ideas, comment on others' proposals, now is the time to define the future of Bean Validation. You can find all the necessary information on the Bean Validation website.

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