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Hibernate OGM basics with MongoDB is a short tutorial that demonstrates how easy you can persist JPA entities into MongoDB.

The Java In Code blog offers a very good article about the benefits of the Hibernate bootstrap mechanism.

If you’re running Windows and you happen to have an Nvidia Video Card, you might get into problems when running Wildfly with Arquillian. This blog post shows you how you can tackle this issue.

Anghel Leonard wrote a series of articles related to Hibernate:

I’ve noticed many questions related to mapping Composite Keys on our forum and StackOverflow. For this reason, I decided to write an article about the best way to map a Composite Key with JPA and Hibernate.

In Hibernate 5.2.2, we added an improvement to the way DISTINCT is handled to improve performance. If you’re interested in this topic, check out the article on our blog.

Debezium is a Change Data Capture tool which scans the database transaction log and extracts all data changes. For more on this topic, check out this post about capturing changes from MySQL.


Mihai Costin developed a library for using the Hibernate second level cache mechanism with Memcached. If your application already uses Memcached, it makes sense to store the second level cache entries in the same distributed caching system. This library is hosted on GitHub and available on Maven Central, so you can easily grab it and give it a try.

Time to upgrade

We have released two versions of Hibernate ORM: 5.0.10 and 5.2.2.

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