Hibernate ORM 5.0.8.Final has just been tagged and published.

The complete list of changes can be found here (or here for people without a Hibernate Jira account).

As of Hibernate ORM 5.0.8.Final, Oracle12cDialect has been changed to map byte[] and Byte[] to BLOB (HHH-10345)

Previous versions of Hibernate have mapped byte[] and Byte[] to Oracle’s LONG RAW data type (via the JDBC LONGVARBINARY type). Oracle have deprecated the LONG RAW data type for many releases - possibly as far back as 8i. Therefore it was decided to start having Hibernate map byte[] and Byte[] to BLOB for Oracle.

However, in the interest of backwards compatibility and not breaking existing applications it was also decided to limit this change to just the Oracle12cDialect. So starting in 5.0.8, applications using Oracle12cDialect and implicitly mapping byte[] and Byte[] values will start seeing those handled as BLOB data rather than LONG RAW data. For existing applications that want to continue to use Oracle12cDialect and still continue to implicitly map byte[] and Byte[] attributes to LONG RAW, there is a new configuration setting you can use to enable that: hibernate.dialect.oracle.prefer_longvarbinary, which is false by default (map to BLOB).

These details regarding HHH-10345 will be added to the 5.0 Migration Guide shortly.

For information on consuming the release via your favorite dependency-management-capable build tool, see https://hibernate.org/orm/downloads/

The release bundles can be obtained from: SourceForge or BinTray.

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