Hibernate Search is a library that integrates Hibernate ORM with Apache Lucene or Elasticsearch by automatically indexing entities, enabling advanced search functionality: full-text, geospatial, aggregations and more. For more information, see Hibernate Search on hibernate.org.

After two candidate releases and a bit of quiet time in waiting for Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.Final, we now published Hibernate Search 5.4.0.Final: the first stable release compatible with ORM 5.

Minimal API changes

This version is designed to minimize your work to upgrade the Hibernate stack, so that you can focus on the changes needed to get running with Hibernate ORM 5 without having to deal with changes in the Search API.

Plans for WildFly 10, Lucene 5

WildFly 10 is coming fast and will feature both Hibernate ORM 5 and Hibernate Search, so please take advantage of this Hibernate Search 5.4.0.Final release as a milestone to get your applications up to date.

In WildFly 10 however we plan to include a further evolved version of Hibernate Search, to also update Apache Lucene to the latest (currently Lucene 5.3).

So the plan is that we’ll include some evolution of Hibernate Search 5.5.x in WildFly 10, but upgrading both ORM and Lucene could be a lot of changes for you to face in one sprint so I highly recommend using this version 5.4.0.Final as an intermediate, reliable refactoring step.

Other improvements

Since the main mantra for this version was "don’t change anything" (except the Hibernate ORM version), the new and cool stuff will be coming in the next minor release.

Of course we also fixed some minor bugs; the most relevant ones are in the area of the Query DSL, improving the handling of null-tokens during query generation and better recognition of Numeric Fields.

For details, see:

  • HSEARCH-1981 QueryBuilder should not tokenize the null-token when searching for null

  • HSEARCH-1973 Make sure the metadata recognizes a field as Numeric even if it’s wrapped into a NullEncodingTwoWayFieldBridge

  • HSEARCH-1968 Avoid the NPE on empty results during a Faceting Query

Special thanks to Marcel Barbosa Pinto for identifying and fixing the NPE on Faceting queries!

How to get this release

Everything you need is available on Hibernate Search’s web site. Download the full distribution from here, or get it from Maven Central, and don’t hesitate to reach us in our forums or mailing lists.

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