Hibernate ORM 4.2.20.Final was released 24-July-2015. At the time it was released, SourceForge was out of commission so distributions could not be uploaded. I decided to delay the announcement until SourceForge was back in commission and I was able to release 4.3.11.Final on 5-Aug-2015.

Notable bugfixes

In both 4.3.11.Final and 4.2.20.Final:

  • HHH-2851 fixed a longstanding bug affecting dialects that require the type for binding null parameter values to a query predicate like (:param IS NULL OR alias.someField = :param). This bug affected Oracle and SQL Server dialects, and possibly others. This bug was easily worked around, but it was clearly a headache for people using those dialects.

In 4.3.11.Final only:

  • HHH-9287 fixed a bug that caused pooled optimizer identifiers to be reused if an external (to Hibernate) system inserted a row using the same sequence.

  • Hibernate’s support for AttributeConverter was improved. HHH-8804 adds support for a parameterized type as an AttributeConverter type parameter (e.g., AttributeConverter<Set<Category>, String>); HHH-8854 fixed a bug extracting the ParameterizedType representation of AttributeConverter definition from an implementation that did not directly implement AttributeConverter i.e., a superclass implements AttributeConverter.

  • There were some bugfixes related to lazy (byte-code instrumented) properties. HHH-5255 fixed a longstanding bug merging a detached entity with a lazy property that has been initialized (this only works for "property" access); HHH-7573 fixed a bug processing lazy properties after an EntityManager PreUpdate callback; HHH-9629 fixed a bug in cache key generation for an entity with inheritance when fetching lazy property.

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