You can now upgrade to Version 5.0.0.Beta3 of Hibernate Search, and benefit from the following improvements:

Indexing Performance

We did some further polishing of the shiny new backend improvements introduced by last week. I would be really happy to get some feedback on this, as you should be able to get a very significant performance boost on index writing - whatever the storage technology you're using. We're preparing some large scale tests, but the environments we can test on are limited so I'd be happy if you could send us a note on what your experience with it looks like.

The new design should have a significant improvement in throughput, but also requires less locking, needs less threads and will result into less pressure on GC as it has a lower allocation rate.

JDK9 compatibility

We now have continuous integration running for Java 9 (preview builds) running as well. Except the OSGi integration tests running in Apache Karaf, everything else seems to work fine.

API changes

We're now polishing the API, and it's possible that this might be the last Beta. Two very frequently used interfaces were renamed; please don't miss the Migration Guide.

As always, looking forward for your experience with it! ideas and suggestions on the mailing list or via IRC.


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