Latest release from the 4.5 branch is now available:


Improved performance

Actually we fixed a performance regression: during some of the recent code cleanups we started allocating some objects which seem to be rather expensive; this is resolved now and performance is looking good again [HSEARCH-1486].

If you use Faceting, you might also see some memory allocation improvements [HSEARCH-1468].

Simplified MassIndexer

The MassIndexer was greatly simplified and as a result it should now be:

  • faster
  • easier to tune (just one threadpool to guess a reasonable size for)
  • no more lazy initialization problems on custom FieldBridges: this resolves the highly voted [HSEARCH-1260].

Two tasks which used to be performed by two independent thread pools where unified: if you where tuning your MassIndexer using threadsForSubsequentFetching and threadsToLoadObjects, you should now only use threadsToLoadObjects and probably you want to enlarge this executor a bit more.

See this section of the documentation for an updated explanation of these MassIndexer options.

Tuning property threadsForSubsequentFetching is now deprecated and ignored.

Hibernate ORM 4.3 (JPA 2.1) compatibility

Important reminder: the 4.5 is the stable branch of the series compatible with Hibernate ORM 4.3 and JPA 2.1 and WildFly 8.

If you need to use an older version of Hibernate ORM, you can't benefit from this release: we highly suggest keeping up to date.

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