I will be at Devoxx this year again - this starts to look like a pilgrimage ;). But I am particularly excited as I have given it a participating twist: less @OneToMany talks more @Code and @ManyToMany interactions. What can you expect from Devoxx?

Ceylon labs

Monday afternoon 13:30-16:30, I will co-host a Ceylon lab with my fellow Ceylon gang members Stéphane Épardaud and Gavin King.

This is your chance to get your hands on Ceylon. Come with your laptop, we will start with the installation and walk you through your first few Ceylon programs.


Tuesday all day, I will be there for the Hackergarten. Want to contribute to Ceylon, Hibernate Search, Hibernate OGM, Bean Validation? Bring your laptop and we will hack together. Secret tip: the hackergarten is open to all, not only to Devoxx attendees.

Bean Validation update

I will also speak about Bean Validation 1.1 on Thursday morning to give you an update now hat we have been working on and what you could expect soon in this area.

Les Cast Codeurs

Finally, if I'm not dead by then, I will co-host an episode of Les Cast Codeurs podcast Friday morning with my buddies Antonio Goncalves, Vicent Massol and Guillaume Laforge. It's in French and it's awesome.

Big JBoss presence

I hear that this year JBoss is coming en masse. If you are a JBoss technology consumer or contributor, come and talk to us. If you are not a JBoss technology consumer or contributor, what are you waiting for, come and talk to us ;)

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