I’m super happy to finally announce official Weld-OSGi release; again big thanks to Serli guys!

After a series of not so trivial merges and rebases, mvn poms fixing and small code tweaks, it is finally here, as part of Weld 1.2.0.Beta1 release.

We also released Weld 1.1.10.Final, which includes a few tricky bug fixes.

e.g. recent tests on both sides - JBossAS and GlassFish - show we (hopefully) finally got beans closure (aka visibility) right

All artifacts are available in our JBoss Nexus repository.

While version 1.1.10.Final should be a drop-in replacement for any JBossAS7, you’ll have to wait a bit for a full AS integration with version 1.2.0.Beta1 -- due to Weld API changes. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying out the new OSGi module.

I suggest looking at Weld-OSGi vast number of tests and examples for the actual usage, or check Mathieu' presentation from London' JUDCon.

Any feedback welcome as always!

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