Hibernate ORM version 4.1.4 has just been released. This is a minor bug fix release containing 37 bug fixes, See the changelog for the complete list of fixes. Specific fixes of note include:

  • HHH-7074 - The @org.hibernate.annotation.Entity annotation had been deprecated for a while to in favor of the JPA one -- @javax.persistence.Entity, to use the features were defined in Hibernate @Entity annotation attributes now should use the new defined annotations, for example, @org.hibernate.annotations.Immutable, see the javadoc for more details. Also, this deprecated @org.hibernate.annotation.Entity will be removed in Hibernate ORM 5.0, so, it would better to start migrate your code now.
  • HHH-7306 SessionFactory#openSession() could not be used in a tenant-aware scenario due to this issue, because hibernate could not know which tenant identifier to use, we now have a contract named org.hibernate.context.spi.CurrentTenantIdentifierResolver for Hibernate to be able to resolve what the application considers the current tenant identifier. The fix of this issue also makes using mutil-tenant possible within HEM (still under development, see HHH-7312). To learn more about this, please check out the Dev Guide.
  • HHH-7350 A Readonly/Immutable Entity with 2LC enabled should be removable from cache.
  • HHH-3961 SQLServerDialect now supports nowait in LockMode.UPGRADE_NOWAIT, thanks Guenther for the pull request.
  • HHH-6846 / HHH-6256 / HHH-7356 The javax.persistence.lock.timeout setting was ignored by @NamedQuery, persistence.xml and query hint.

As usual, the artifacts have been uploaded to the JBoss Nexus repository (and will be synchronized to Maven Central in a day or two) and the release bundles have been uploaded to the Hibernate SourceForge in both ZIP and TGZ formats.

Last but not the least, I would like to give special thanks to Lukasz Antoniak and Adam Warski, Hibernate Envers Developers from community and who are helping us on Envers module testing on DB matrix, Lukasz (with Adam's help) worked tirelessly and fixed ALL envers test failures we found, Great work and keep contributing :D


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