Fresh blood, voila Weld 1.1.6.Final

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I'm happy to announce a new Weld 1.1.6.Final release. It's probably the biggest bug squashing fest since I took over the project.

Big thanks to Marko for stepping up and doing most of the work.

Here is the impressive list of handled issues:

[WELD-580] - Around-Invoke Interceptors with wrong signature should cause DefinitionException
[WELD-627] - Clarify the implementation and usage of WeldClass.getWeldMethods, WelldClass.getDeclaredWeldMethods
[WELD-665] - Servlet injection not working on EAP 5.1
[WELD-680] - Weld tests fail on IBM JDK
[WELD-687] - Refactoring InstantiatorFactory to allow per-deployment configuration
[WELD-820] - When invoking a method that is not intercepted, invocations on this are intercepted/decorated
[WELD-853] - @AroundInvoke annotations added by SPI are ignored
[WELD-909] - Dual faces mapping and cid parameter for conversational redirect
[WELD-910] - Wrong example code - refering non-existent Weld#shutdown()
[WELD-911] - Shared dependent instance injection with circular reference through decorator
[WELD-926] - Weld Servlet still uses old Google Collections instead of Guava
[WELD-930] - Producer is made an alternative if the declaring bean class is an alternative
[WELD-937] - Documentation issue - Instantiating abstract class
[WELD-954] - URIs escaped twice in URLScanner
[WELD-967] - @ThreadScope documentation bug
[WELD-977] - Specialized bean does not disable producer method of its parent
[WELD-986] - Interceptors and decorators may not declare observer methods
[WELD-989] - #{} instead of #{} mentioned in the reference guide
[WELD-997] - Custom implementation of Interceptor never invoked
[WELD-999] - Interceptor binding transitivity broken
[WELD-1007] - Weld SE startup fails.
[WELD-1016] - Weld creates multiple interceptor instances per target instance
[WELD-1024] - Missing check that specializing bean has all the bean types of specialized bean
[WELD-1026] - @New session beans created eagerly
[WELD-1028] - CLONE - URLScanner can not handle paths containing spaces
[WELD-1036] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException destroying Stateful SessionBean
[WELD-1044] - ConversationPropagationFilter active for non-JSF requests
[WELD-1048] - Decorated dependent bean not passivation capable
[WELD-1056] - Weld-servlet brings transitive dependency on weld-build-config
[WELD-1062] - Superclass of a modified AnnotatedType is ignored
[WELD-1067] - Thread safety issue in BeansClosure
[WELD-1068] - Weld conversation crash when used in portlet
[WELD-1075] - Ambiguous dependencies when only one correct dependency exists
[WELD-1077] - java.lang.VerifyError when applying an interceptor on a method in a class with final equals
[WELD-1083] - Weld only detects conflicting interceptor bindings on classes, but not on methods
[WELD-1091] - Test failures on JDK7

[WELD-1055] - Exception when deploying EJB with duplicated Interceptors-annontation is not informative enough

[WELD-731] - Bind BeanManager to JNDI when naming context is read/write (as in JBoss AS/EAP 5)
[WELD-894] - Around-Invoke interceptors should not wrap RuntimeException into WeldException
[WELD-1000] - Pass extension instances to bootstrap
[WELD-1043] - Convert Weld example ftests to Ajocado

[WELD-27] - Consider using JBoss maven plugin, not ant for example builds
[WELD-398] - Unable to run translator example with settings for cluster
[WELD-494] - Add Arquillian test to the dist examples
[WELD-655] - maven-jetty-plugin not configured correctly
[WELD-1005] - Upgrade surefire plugin to 2.10
[WELD-1064] - Upgrade dependency jboss-interceptors-api from 1.0.0.Beta1 to 1.0.0.Final
[WELD-1084] - Introduce class InterceptorBindingType
[WELD-1092] - Configure m2e to ignore Checkstyle Plugin

This is (probably) the last 1.1.x release, as it's high time to finally get Mathieu's OSGi integration in (which requires API changes, hence bumping the minor version).

Give it a spin. Feedback welcome as always.

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