The AeroGear project has just released 1.0.0.M2c as our first followup since launch! This release was focused on improving the archetype and quickstart mobile/html5 examples. They got more than just a new look and feel though. We added better device detection, improved our responsive design, integrated with JBoss Tools, JBoss AS 7.1, and more...

The getting started wiki has been fully updated to show you how to build your own mobile/HTML5 based application. This means built, tested, and deployed to JBoss AS 7.1 in just a matter of minutes. Giving you a great base to build your own application from. Then our deep dive wiki gives you all the details you need to need for our HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, JAX-RS endpoints and more.

Notable Updates

Here are some of the notable updates to our core example and archetype:

Whats Next

We're still just getting started, and our M3 release is going to dig into more advanced areas. We'll be looking at hybrid application support, application based security for clients and endpoints, and more. We'll also be creating our own advanced example set to showcase different technologies and approaches for mobile development with JBoss.

Stay tuned for 1.0.0.M3 in the next 6-8 weeks, and remember this is open source - so if you've got an itch and an idea stop by our forums, or our IRC channel to share! If you are interested in a more permanent situation - we're hiring!!! We're working on all aspects of mobile development, so if you want to play with some of the hottest technologies on the planet - contact me!

Community Call To Action

Just as a reminder we’ve got team meetings on IRC at #aerogear @, user, and developer forums, all of our code is up on github for sharing, and we’re always looking for motivated developers to step up and join the team!

Success comes with a strong community, and everyone getting involved however they can! Bring your questions, and opinions, and let's hear from you!!

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