Hibernate ORM 4.1.0 has just been released. This release adds a few new features, as well as a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Some features in particular include:

  • A new (actual) API for loading by natural identifiers. See mainly HHH-2879 and HHH-6974. Additionally, see my earlier post on this feature.
  • Addition of a TenantIdentifierResolver for use with multitenancy in getCurrentSession use cases. See HHH-6336
  • The ability to provide custom dirty handling. See HHH-3910 and HHH-6998

See the 4.1 release notes for the full details.

Additionally, quite a bit of work went into the documentation for this release. The JPA/HEM documentation has been completely consumed into Hibernate Reference Documentation and Hibernate Developer Guide. Mostly annotation/mapping information went into the former, while everything else went into the latter. Other efforts such as documenting multitenancy, services, etc when into Hibernate Developer Guide as well. The focus now, as we move ahead will be folding the information from Hibernate Reference Documentation into Hibernate Developer Guide.

3.6.10 was released today as well. It contains some bugfixes. Again, see the release notes for the details.

P.S. A quick note about the name Hibernate ORM. This refers to exactly what we previously called Hibernate Core. A brief history is that initially there was just Hibernate, but as the team started working on related projects (Hibernate Search, etc.) we agreed to refer to what had been just Hibernate as Hibernate Core. We recently decided that the core portion of the name was just a bad choice, as it doe not give any clue as to the intent. Hence Hibernate ORM.

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