Hibernate Metamodel Generator 1.2.0.CR1

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It has gone some time since I announced the last release of the Hibernate JPA Metamodel Generator. It is time to announce the release of version 1.2.0.CR1. Just as a reminder, JPA Metamodel Generator is an annotation processor which generates the canonical metamodel classes needed for using the strongly typed JPA 2 Criteria queries.

This new release is a maintenance release with a total of 20 enhancements and bug fixes. Most of these issues have been reported by users and many came even with a patch. Thanks!

METAGEN-53, METAGEN-73 and METAGEN-79 are worth mentioning explicitly. METAGEN-53 removes the dependencies to the JPA API. This means that the annotation processor is now a standalone jar without any further dependencies which makes integration of the processor into the build process and into the IDE even easier. METAGEN-73 and METAGEN-79 are about the @Generated annotation. In earlier version you had to explicitly specify the addGeneratedAnnotation option to add the annotation. Now @Generated is added by default and you have to explicitly disable it in case you want Java 5 compliant source files. Also the parameter values of the annotation have changed:

@Generated(value = "org.hibernate.jpamodelgen.JPAMetaModelEntityProcessor", date = "2012-01-25T22:22:54.850+0100")
The value is now the fully qualified classname of the annotation processor as suggested by the documentation of @Generated and you can also add the generation date by providing the processor option addGenerationDate (per default the date is not added).

As usual, you can download the release from the JBoss Maven repo or from SourceForge.

To report any issues use the Hibernate Jira project METAGEN.


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