hibernate-core repo rename

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The GitHub repo formerly named hibernate-core will be getting renamed after the 4.0.1 release today. Its new name will be hibernate-orm. The whys have been discussed over the past few weeks in the developer meetings, so I will not go into all that; see the meeting minutes if you are interested. I did, however, want to discuss the ramifications of this rename.


GitHub manages pointers from the forked repo to its source. Your fork will still be named {username}/hibernate-core, however, even though it points to hibernate/hibernate-orm. As far as I can tell this is fine. You can rename your fork as well if you want; if you decide to follow that path, simply adjust the clone urls as discussed below pointing to your fork in addition to those pointing upstream.

Local clones

This holds true whether the clone is a clone of a fork or a clone of the upstream repo. Essentially you will need to adjust the remote url associated with any renamed GitHiub repo. The way this is done in Git is using the git remote set-url command.

For example, assuming you are trying to reset the url associated with the remote named origin you would execute git remote set-url origin git@github.com:hibernate/hibernate-orm.git

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