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Infinispan team at Devoxx

Two weeks ago we where at Devoxx, with Pete Muir and Mircea Markus we had a three hours long workshop about using Infinispan in a real world JEE application. All our notes for the presentation are available here, and it includes the source code used for the demo and all slides.
The instructions contain both a zip of the source code or pointers to a Git repository; if you're familiar with Git the history contains each step from the guide so you can try follow the workshop chapter by chapter: we hope it's clear enough for anyone not familiar with Infinispan, if not questions and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Hibernate OGM and Search updates

At the same conference as a member of the Hibernate OGM team we met Greg Luck from EHCache fame and we started some concrete plans to support EHCache as a data store for Hibernate OGM. If anyone wants to write a custom module for OGM, please note that we have now an experimental integration layer and Infinispan is no longer a dependency: we have instead an example implementation using a HashMap, so it should be easy to integrate with any other NoSQL database. Some interest was shown around Neo4J, MongoDB and HBase integration, but we need a volunteer to start working on it... feel free to join!

In a different area, same conference we met Karel Maesen of Hibernate Spatial, so stay tuned for a better integration in that area; if you're interested in geolocation you might want to have a look at the draft for integration in Hibernate Search being proposed by Emmanuel and Nicholas Helleringer at HSEARCH-923.

Next week: Arquillian at JBug Newcastle

Next week I'll be in the Newcastle office introducing Arquillian and Shrinkwrap together with Paul Robinson, the lead of the Web Service Transactions project. The talk is named Testing JEE Applications in the container using Arquillian: after an introduction on the coolest testing tools we plan to run a workshop and have everyone try it out.

The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday 13th December in the University of Newcastle, and as always discussions and questions are welcome on any JBoss technology. Full details of the event can be found here.

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