I'm happy to say we finally fixed the pesky @Specializes bug

  • WELD-912 - Specializing beans in different bean archives does not work

And some other issues also proved to be far more interesting from what one would expect while reading the initial problem.

  • WELD-617 - Can not find beans when deploying compressed Archive to Tomcat
  • WELD-802 - Specialization of Beans registered through portable extension does not work.
  • WELD-892 - Calling session-scoped components from session initialized observer goes into infinite loop
  • WELD-904 - Observer method inheritance broken
  • WELD-1010 - @PreDestroy method invoked twice

Full release notes can be found here: https://issues.jboss.org/issues/?jql=project=12310891+AND+fixVersion=12318550

I've already uploaded the .zip to Sourceforge and of course pushed artifacts into our JBoss Maven repo.

And a little bird told me this version is gonna be used in the upcoming JBossAS7.1.0.Beta1 release. ;-)

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