Weld 1.1.3.Final is out!

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I'm happy to announce new Weld 1.1.3.Final release.

With this release we finally moved Weld Core Arquillian tests by default to JBoss AS7, making the build easier and faster -- thanks Stuart.

But this of course doesn't mean we forgot about other containers;

  • it's still fully tested against latest GlassFish (thanks GF guys!),
  • added new web container tests (Tomcat 7; thanks Matija) and
  • reduced Jetty config a bit (thanks Geoffrey).

Other interesting issues or features include:

  • better conversation handling - thanks Lincoln and George; btw, LB3 I expect more patches from now on ;-)

Weld' github master will now be the basis of future 1.2 releases, moving current to branch 1.1.

(since there already is an abandoned 1.1 branch, we'll first move that one to 1.1-legacy)

I also have a few exciting announcements - in case you missed them:

Onward to Weld 1.2 and 2.0!!

p.s.: let us know if there are any new issues with the latest release ;-)

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