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We would like to thank everyone that provided feedback to the announcement we made earlier this week.

We feel that the main concerns people have can be expressed as follows (please let us know if we've missed something!):

  • Portability: one of the promises of Seam, CDI and Java EE has been portability, and the community is loath to give this up. We do believe in portability and standards (just look at the evidence). We're reworking our ideas to make sure that portability remains a central goal. We're even looking at ways in which we can make your apps more portable!
  • Getting stuff done: one of the reasons that people loved Seam 1 and Seam 2 was that it offered a complete solution to build a Java enterprise application, on top of the Java EE standard. We feel that we have let the community down in this area, and really want to focus on this goal going forward. Whatever happens, this will be a foundation stone.
  • Community: the Seam community has always been a strong one, and we look forward to continuing to work with this passionate community.
  • Migration: Seam 3 is built on top of standards - Java EE 6 and CDI. JBoss is committed to this as the core programming model and will offer a migration path from Seam 2 to Java EE 6 and make sure that Seam 3 apps run on Java EE 6, and integrate nicely with other parts of the Java EE / CDI ecosystem.

We are currently working on a proposal which we think will address your concerns. We all feel passionately that what is right for the community is right for us. With that in mind we would like to have an open consultation period about what comes next. You guys are the ones at the rockface, and you know what you need. We want to listen to what you have to say. We've started a forum thread on which to have this debate, and the Seam team are going into this with an open mind (but remember we can't promise to do everything you want -- you'll never get a free iPad with every Seam download!).

Those of you who have sent us feedback privately (email, IRC etc.), please chime in on this thread with your thoughts and comments so the entire community can benefit from hearing your viewpoint - some of the feedback has been very insightful.

[Adminstrative note: we've disabled comments on this post, please post on the forum with your thoughts!]

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