Hibernate OGM is not maintained anymore

This september in Paris, we are lucky to host both the OpenWorldForum and Open Source Developer Conference. And they had the common sense to host them at the same time in the same place. It's September 22th-24th in Paris. I believe it's free but requires registration.

I will personally be there and put to work:

  • I will be presenting Hibernate OGM on Friday afternoon at OSDC
  • I will be part of a panel on Code and Cloud at the OpenWorldForum
  • Vittorio Amos Ziparo a co-member of the Cloud-TM initiative will be talking about how he uses Infinispan to store data for a MMOG

There are other Red Hat folks put to work:

  • Jim Meyering : ‎Goodbye World! The perils of relying on output streams in C
  • Christophe Fergeau : ‎SPICE, affichage distant de machines virtuelles

If you are around Paris at that time and do / use Open Source software, you know what to do.

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