This is a gorgeous, perfect example of precisely how not to engage in debate over technical issues. I won't respond point-by-point, because the post is mainly self-refuting, but it does amuse me to highlight the following:

  • Vague accusations of dishonesty in the title, which are never actually supported in the post itself.
  • The claim that projects which were announced to the community approximately three months ago are vaporware. (That's the fastest progression from announcement to vapor in history!)
  • The absurd accusation that people working an alternatives to Java have a secret ulterior motive to actually reinforce the status quo. Yes, seriously.
  • Further unsupported accusations of intellectual dishonestly, though it's not precisely clear on whose part.
  • Misattribution / invention of staw man arguments. (To the best of my knowledge none of the teams advocating alternative JVM languages have ever claimed that Scala is too academic or too functional or not functional enough.)
  • Insults directed at the entire Java programmer community.
  • No actual substantive technical arguments for or against any particular language.

The most ironic thing about this amazingly incivil flamebait post, is that after throwing around accusations of dishonestly and secret agendas, the poster (can't be bothered checking his name) writes:

If you plan to comment, keep in mind that your comment should be constructive and civilized.

Wow. I guess he at least deserves credit for chutzpah. :-)

(I'm closing comments since I can't be bothered responding to the inevitable trolls.)

P.S. Accusations of dishonesty, or of misinformation (which, in case English is your second language, means deliberate lying) have been a recurring theme lately. You guys need to put that one to rest. It's not reasonable to call someone a liar because you disagree with them.

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