So it's official Bean Validation 1.1 has started. It has been voted yes by the JCP expert committee yesterday.

I must admit I'm quite furious about Mark Little, the Red Hat representative and my boss, for forgetting to vote on the ballot. But provided he went on vacations last Friday and has a lot on his plate, I forgive him. You owe me though :)

More seriously, Red Hat is committed to make Bean Validation 1.1 a success and I will spend the next couple of days gathering the expert group members to get started as quickly as possible.

In the mean time and to celebrate, have a look at the official website. The idea behind the website are simple:

  • execute on the promise to run the spec in an open fashion
  • offer regular updates on the work in progress (see the news section)
  • a one time shop for everything Bean Validation related

There are several ways for you to participate in the process. From joining the development mailing list to joining the expert group full blown. Check out the contribution page.

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