JSR-346 (CDI 1.1) posted on JCP site

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I'm pleased to say that the JCP just posted JSR-346 - the proposal will now be voted upon by the JCP Executive Committee (EC) and we'll know whether it has been approved to move forward on 25th April.

If you would like to get involved with the spec, then you should subscribe to our mailing list where anyone can contribute to the process. If you would like to be on the formally recognized JCP expert group then you'll need to fill in this form. If you are wondering what the difference is, then put simply, the JCP require us to have an EG where we can discuss private matters (i.e. legal issues). I can assure you that all technical discussions will happen on the public, open to all, cdi-dev mailing list, and then any conference calls etc. will be open to all to join. You will also want to take a look at the issue tracker as we'll be using this to record issues, discussions and conclusions to issues.

See you there!

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