The Hibernate team has just released the 4.0.0.Alpha2 development release of Hibernate Core. Consult the full list of changes for all the details. Some specific changes of interest include:

  • HHH-5697 - Initial multi-tenancy support. Currently only schema and database based varieties are supports. Discrimination based is planned for Alpha3 or the first Beta.
  • HHH-5562 & HHH-6081 - Introduction of org.hibernate.spi.Integrator
  • HHH-6047 - Ability to nest org.hibernate.service.ServiceRegistry instances
  • HHH-5966 - Really cool ability for dialects to redefine how binding and extraction of particular SQL DATATYPES is handled.

As always, the release is available from both SourceForge in bundle form as well as the JBoss Nexus repository under the org.hibernate groupId.

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