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I pleased to say that I just submitted the JSR proposal for CDI 1.1 (full text[1] is attached). In general, we are pretty happy with CDI 1.0, so this release focuses on a small number of much requested features, along with bug fixes and clarifications.

We'll mainly be working through the CDI issue tracker, and on the public mailing list - I encourage anyone who has an interest in the development of CDI to subscribe to both, and keep an eye on discussions as we progress. You can find the current spec on github - we'll be keeping that up to date as work is done.

Here's the headlines of the work we intend to do - though we will be very happy to add other issues that arise as work progresses.

  • Global ordering of interceptors and decorators, as well as global enablement of alternatives [CDI-48]
  • An API for managing built in contexts, allowing the built in implementation of the conversation context to be used outside of JSF [CDI-30]
  • An embedded mode allowing startup outside of a Java EE container [CDI-26]
  • Declarative control over which packages/classes are scanned in a bean archive [CDI-87]
  • Bean declaration at constructor level [CDI-55]
  • Static injection [CDI-51]
  • Inclusion of @Unwraps from Seam Solder [CDI-89]
  • Align with current version of @Inject [CDI-51]
  • Numerous minor enhancements to the Portable Extensions SPI
  • Client controlled contexts allowing for SaaS style multi-tennancy [CDI-103]
  • Better support for CDI in libraries when used in the Java EE platform [CDI-84]
  • Send CDI events for Servlet events [CDI-38]
  • Application lifecycle events [CDI-86]

A full list of proposed features is available in the issue tracker.

Additionally, a number of inconsistencies have been noticed and clarifications requested and the JSR intends to address all of these. A full list is available in the issue tracker.

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