The RichFaces team has just released 4.0.0.Milestone 6! You can get the 4.0.0.M6 distribution at our project site's download page, or if you are using maven you can follow our: How to add RichFaces 4.X to Maven Based Project wiki page.

I know I said last release that M5 was going to be the last milestone. After the M5 release it became apparent that what we wanted to call our Candidate Release 1 (CR1) was not where it needed to be. So instead we reviewed the remaining issues and decided to have one more Milestone.

The good news is that after our review and the great work put into M6, we believe only a single CR release will be needed to catch anything we missed. This means our plans for releasing 4.0.0.Final have only adjusted about a week (late March).

Updates in Milestone6

So you can image there was a lot updated and finalized in M6. I've included a summary below of the major items addressed in M6. As usual you can checkout all the details in the Jira Release Notes.

  • Client side validation feature is ready to go!! This includes complete client side implementations of nearly all the standard JSF and JSR-303 (bean validation) validators! This is a huge feature, but easy to use with the <rich:validator> behavior! Check out the RichFaces Showcase example, and keep an eye out for a complete how to blog soon!
  • ObjectValidation is also completed in M6! This allows you to validate complete objects with cross field validation using bean validation and the <rich:graphValidator> component.
  • The core Ajax framework has also be updated to support ignoreDupResponce feature! Combine this with the advanced queueing in RichFaces and you have some great tools to optimize you application.
  • The client side API for the various components has been stabilized, and will be fully documented in the component reference guide shortly!
  • We've also improved the functionality of the CDK, and continued stabilization work for our core, and migrated components!
  • Our RichFaces Showcase demo has also been updated with new components, and features. Check out the readme.txt in the distribution for more.

Some Community News

I've said it before, but we are lucky to have such a fantastic community! We've seen a huge impact from people trying out the 4.0.0 releases and letting us know what works and what does not. All I can say is keep it up - we are almost to Final!!

I would like to call out a couple of users that have made specific contributions:

Next Up CR1

Milestone 6 really is our final Milestone release for 4.0.0 :-) CR1 is already going great, and our code freeze is coming up shortly. We are hopeful that only a single CR release will be required, and it is looking good so far.

As always if you find an issue, have any comments or ideas please let us know through our forums, or our project jira. See our Project Calendar and the Meeting Information page for more details, agendas, and minutes.

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