The RichFaces team has just released the final milestone release for 4.0 - 4.0.0.Milestone5!! With this release we've again added more components, and improved the stability. Now we move on into the Candidate Release (CR) phase where our focus turns completely to bug fixing, integration, and polish working towards the 4.0.0.Final release.

You can get the 4.0.0.M5 distribution at our project site's download page, or if you are using maven you can follow our: How to add RichFaces 4.X to Maven Based Project wiki page.

As always we are hard at work on the next release - 4.0.0.CR1. This will be released in early February. For all the latest information and details on 4.0 check out the RichFaces 4.0 Release Center. We are planning to have a 4.0.0.CR2 release as well, quickly followed by 4.0.0.Final.

Updates in Milestone5

Below is a summary of the main items we've worked on for M5, and you can review the complete list in our Jira Release Notes

  • New components such as fileUpload, panelMenu, toolbar, drag'n'drop, and dropDownMenu!!
  • Added more advanced features to other components like calendar, and tree.
  • Client side validation is nearly ready for primetime! Server side functionality is complete, and the core client side is nearly ready. Ajax fallback support is already there, and as client side validators are integrated they will transparently begin to function. The CR1 release will have the final version of client side validation!
  • We've also improved the functionality of the CDK, and continued stabilization work for our core, and migrated components!
  • Our RichFaces Showcase demo has also been updated with new components, and features.

We would be happy if you can give this release a try, and let us know how it goes. The good, the bad, and the bugsā€¦.

Think of CR as Community Required!!

We're very lucky to have a fantastic community, and we've already seen a lot of users using and commenting on 4.0!! This is so critical to open source projects, and especially during the CR phase. In order to get 4.0.0.Final stabilized and ready to go we need everyone to take these later milestone releases for a spin. Believe me, this type of feedback makes all the difference!!!

Next Up CR1

Milestone 5 is the last milestone release for the RichFaces 4.0!! This means we are moving into full fledged hardening mode for the CR releases. For a complete list of jira's planned see our CR1 Jira page.

As always if you find an issue, have any comments or ideas please let us know through our forums, or our project jira. See our Project Calendar and the Meeting Information page for more details, agendas, and minutes.

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