Ever wondered why there is development going on for AS 7 when AS 6 is not yet final ?

Want to know why AS 7 starts up faster than Tomcat and still provides more functionallity ?

Curious to why JBoss added yet another logging framework to the Java ecosystem ?

Interested in knowing how AS 7 supports osgi bundles, but aren't built on an osgi container ?

Wonder how you can manage a massive JBoss 7 cluster with just a few HTTP requests ?

We wondered about that too and more...

Majority of the JBoss Application Server team were at or around Devoxx this year and we had the opportunity to sit down and with three of them: Jason Greene, Emanuel Muckenhuber and David Lloyd.

Episode 14 of JBoss Asylum will answer the above questions and more, take a listen and look at the shownotes.

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