Hibernate Search 3.3 CR1 is out. Last chance for testing before the baby goes out. This release include many bug fixes and small features but we have added a couple of significant ones:

  • support for Lucene numeric fields: numbers can be indexed using a trie structure and make queries much faster than the traditional string representation (experimental)
  • support for query timeouts (either by raising an exception or by returning results already fetched)
  • support for queryable null values (see indexNullAs: by default null values are not indexed (and thus not queryable), you can optionally index null values ow
  • support for NIO and memory mapped file for filesystem based directory providers
  • support for shortcut names for common directory providers

Many thanks to Gustavo Nalle Fernandes for all his week-end contributions.

Check out the new release on JBoss.org's Maven repository or download the distribution. You can also read the documentation.

If you find an issue, you know the way.

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