Hibernate Metamodel Generator 1.1.0.Final

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Hibernate Metamodel Generator 1.1.0.Final is now available for download either from the JBoss Maven repo or from SourceForge.

A look into the changelog shows three issues of which only METAGEN-45 is worth mentioning. Several people reported problems with metamodel classes not getting compiled, especially when the annotation processor was used in conjunction with the -s option (which specifies where to place generated source files). This is resolved by METAGEN-45.

I also would like to follow up on the question on how to best integrate the processor into maven build. As always there are more than one way to skin a cat and here is my preferred version:


The benefits of this version are that there is no need for the build-helper plugin and, more importantly, the processor is defined as a plugin dependency of the maven-processor-plugin instead of a direct project dependency. You find this and other setup versions in the online documentation of the Hibernate Metamodel Generator.

As always, feedback is always welcome. If you find a bug make sure to report it in METAGEN.


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