Tattletale 1.1.1 is out

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I'm happy to announce the Tattletale 1.1.1.Final release.

Full release notes are here.

The release

This releases fixing some critical bugs such as TTALE-148 and TTALE-149 that would allow dependencies to hide.

However, the release also saw a couple improvements and two new reports:

  • Class dependencies report
  • Class dependants report

which will allow you to dig deeper into the dependencies of your project.

In short - All users of Tattletale should upgrade.

The Road Ahead

I'm looking for new talent to help out with the next release of Tattletale as

  • Support for enterprise archives
  • Integration with Hudson

are next. So drop by our forum if you would like to help out with these tasks.

In case you missed my talk at JUDCon/Berlin look for the upcoming webniar about the tool.

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You !

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