At JavaOne this year, I gave a more advanced presentation than usual on how to use Bean Validation. A few folks have asked me to share it and there it is.

A bit of warning though, this is a presentation that is best seen live as I talk a lot on my slides and even more during the live demo. I am not the kind of person that reads its slides and the demo part is probably about 50% of the presentation so if you can see Hardy or me doing this presentation live, by all means go.

But in the mean time, here are the slides BeanValidationBestPractices-1.0.pdf[1]. I have also put the demo code on a git repository. Simply do

//retrieve the GIT repository
git clone bv-bp
cd bv-bp

//checkout the demo when starting
git checkout -b demo-start-branch demo-start-state

//checkout the demo when done
git checkout -b branch-demo-done demo-done-state


I've defined two tags:

  • demo-start-state which correspond to the demo when I start working on it on stage
  • demo-done-state which correspond to the demo when I am done and leave the stage

I have left a bunch of TODOs in the start state and described what I do in a txt file at the root, you should be able to follow.


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