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I realize that a Seam 3 status update is overdue, so without further ado let me fill you in on where we are. From my previous blog, we are aiming to include these modules in Seam 3.0:

Module Target Version Code Quality Blockers
Drools 5 integration 3.0 Alpha Weld Extensions Alpha 3
Additional JSF 2 support 3.0 Beta Seam Persistence Alpha 1
Internationalization support 3.0 Alpha JBoss Logging 3
Seam Security 3.0 Alpha Seam Persistence Alpha 1 and Seam XML Beta 1
XML Configuration 3.0 Beta Weld Extensions Alpha 3
jBPM 3 support 3.0 Alpha
Additional support for RESTEasy 3.0 Alpha
Additional support for Servlet 3.0 Beta
Seam Persistence 3.0 Alpha Seam XML Beta1
Javascript Remoting 3.0 Beta
JMS events bridge 3.0 Alpha
Support for GWT 3.0 RC
Support for Wicket 3.0 RC
Reporting (Excel and PDF support) 3.0 or 3.1 Alpha
Seam Mail 3.0 or 3.1 Alpha
Exception Handling 3.0 or 3.1 Alpha
Scheduling support, including asynchronous events 3.0 or 3.1 Alpha
Seam 2 Backwards Compatibility 3.1
Spring Integration 3.1
Support for JBoss ESB 3.1
Provisionally, support for jBPM 5 3.1

As you can see, all modules have been started, with many in or approaching Beta (feature complete). The primary blockers are getting Weld Extensions and XML Configuration API complete - you can expect these, and the waterfall of other module releases over the next few weeks.

Once we have have alpha or beta releases of all required modules for Seam 3.0 we will put out a beta of the whole distribution - again, expect this in the next few weeks.

We purposefully do not give even estimates of an overall release date - I can only say it will be ready when it is ready!

Update: if you want to track development of Seam 3, then checkout the wiki page which has an overview of the modules and will be kept up to date

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