There are no functional changes between CR1 and this Final release. Some minor issues in the @Min, @Max and @EmailValidator got fixed (HV-335, HV-339) as well as some documentation typos. We also spend some time improving the parsing and validation speed by reviewing and improving some reflection based code (HV-340, HV-341, HV-342). Review the full release notes for details.

Download as usual either from the JBoss Maven repo or from SourceForge.

There are already several issues on the 4.2 roadmap, but we are welcoming ideas and suggestions for the next release on the Validator Forum. One of the major new features will most likely be method-level validation (as specified in Appendix C of the Bean Validation specification) as well.

Stay tuned!

Amendment: Gunnar did a great job summarizing the new features of Hibernate Validator 4.1 on his blog. And of course we covered already most of the new features here as well. See programmatic constraint configuration, ResourceBundleLocator and @ScriptAssert.

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