Tattletale 1.1 released

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I'm very happy to announce the availability of the Tattletale 1.1, the Java dependency analyzer, release.

A lot of features have been added over the last year, so I'll give a brief run-down of some of them. See our documentation for full details.


Tattletale now features known profiles, which are well-known APIs targeting the Java Standard or Java Enterprise platforms.

The list of profiles are

  • Java 5 and Java 6
  • Java Enterprise Edition 5 and Java Enterprise Edition 6
  • Spring 2.5 and Spring 3.0
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) 1.0 (JSR-299)
  • JBoss Seam 2.2

Adding profiles to your configuration will resolve any dependencies on the specified profiles.

New reports

Tattletale 1.1 also features new reports.

  • Sealed information
  • Signed information
  • Unused Jar archives
  • Circular Dependency

which should help you make your product/project distribution even better.

Other enhancements

A lot of small/large enhancements also went in the release.

  • Ability to exclude directories from the scan
  • Ability to filter results from the reports
  • Apache Ant support
  • Apache Maven support

These features will allow you to integrate Tattletale into your QA environment and automate getting daily reports.

I want to thank the people that helped out with the release over the last year, especially Torben Jaeger who did a lot of work :)

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You !

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