MC 2.2 series and new JBossAS6_M2

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We just released new JBossAS6 milestone - M2.

With this one we start off a new Microcontainer 2.2.x version series:

  • VFS 2.2.0.Alpha2 -- minor bug fixes and a few hack removals
  • Reflect 2.2.0.Alpha2 -- first one to include new Classpool project [1]
  • MDR 2.2.0.Alpha1 -- down the optimization road, metadata annotations lookup
  • Kernel 2.2.0.Alpha6 -- includes JMX [2], new Weld-int, asynchronous mode [3], ...
  • CL 2.2.0.Alpha2 -- system resources are still visible at shutdown, lifecycle callbacks, shutdown mode, ...
  • Deployers 2.2.0.Alpha1 -- deployers sorting fix, modification check based on known files, includes JMX, ...
  • McAnn 1.0.0.Alpha1 -- extracted scanning; to-be even more generalized (McScan project)

Explaining the [x] in a bit more details:

  1. Classpool is a project that will let us properly use Javassist based Reflect in JBossAS/MC
  2. JMX impl used to be part of AS; extracted and split into 3 sub-projects: JMX-Kernel, JMX-Deployers, JBossMX
  3. you can declare <bean name=Foo class=org.acme.Bar mode=Asynchronous> and its install will happen in a new thread

A lot of work in Kernel was done to support our new OSGi+MC facade and its transparent service/component mix.

Another big chunk of work in Kernel was also spent on optimizations, where Kabir did most of the heavy lifting, hence I'll let him talk about it. :-)

We're off to changing VFS with new v3 implementation!

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