Episode 3 from the Asylum is now available at asylum.jboss.org.

This time it's Michael and I discussing the JBoss.org related news which this time covers Bean Validation, Drools, WebBeans and Netty. We also have a short talk about the work going on related to providing a Maven repository for both projects and products at JBoss and we touch upon how we tried (and failed?) to use Google Wave for the shownotes.

New graphics

This podcast upload also enables the new graphics design made by Cheynne from the JBoss.org graphics team - Thank you Cheynne.


If you got feedback or suggestions for topics to cover, people to interview then put a comment on the blog or send us a mail.


Episode 4 is already recorded and will be available when libsyn bandwidth allows it - here we interview Hardy and Emmanuel on the Bean Validation specification and reference implementation.

Have fun!

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