Daniel Azarov have been busy the last few months improving our Find references and Refactoring support for JSF and Seam Expression Language (EL) references.

During that work Daniel created a few movies showing of the features and they are added to the individual jira's about the subject. I thought it would be nice to also get these shown to a broader audience - so here they are, for you to see.

If you want to try this use the M3 release or nightly builds of JBoss Tools.

Searching/Find references

Standard search (Ctrl+Shift+G) finds method references in EL

By using the standard Find references functionality EL expressions that refer to the method shows up next to java references.


Refactoring Demo - renaming the booking component to cooking. Shows how the rename of a component takes effect in both Java, components.xml, pages.xml and .xhtml files.

Notice how it handles changing default injection to explicit naming, i.e.

@In Booking booking;
needs to be changed to
@In(value\="cooking") booking;
to continue to work.

The following movies show a similar rename, just initiated from the components view instead and an example of what happens for read only files.

Rename Seam Component in Seam Components View

Rename component in read-only files

Renaming of EL variables used in Strings

These are for code that refers to EL inside Strings, for example

log.log("${user.name} did something")
. The demo shows this applied in various locations:

...in java editor

...in xml editor

...in properties editor

...in VPE editor

Have fun!

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