I'm pleased to announce that the Web Beans project has a new name -- Weld

As keen readers of in.relation.to will know, this is just the latest in a series of name changes for JSR-299. This time around, one of the Java EE vendors had strong objections to the previous name of the reference implementation, and asked us to change it.

After consulting with the committers on the project (those employed by Red Hat, and those in the community), we decided on Weld.

We'll be updating the project (artifact names, package names, documentation, website, JIRA, SVN etc.) over the next week in time for our release which is feature-complete to the Proposed Final Draft 2 (PFD2) of the JSR-299: Contexts and Dependency Injection Specification. We'll send regular updates to the webbeans-dev mailing list (which of course, will need a rename!).

I'll blog again once the rename is done with new URLs, mailing list addresses etc.

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