JBoss JCA 1.0.0.Alpha3 is out

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We are happy to announce the 3rd developer snapshot of our JCA 1.6 implementation.

The release

The release was focused on providing bean validation integration in our deployer chain.

There were other changes too

  • Updates to the core logging framework
  • Updates to the metadata layer

And various minor updates. Release notes are here.

Bean Validation

Bean validation aka JSR-303 has been integrated in the JCA 1.6 specification to allow resource adapter developers to specify constraints for the properties used by the adapter.


public class MyResourceAdapter implements ResourceAdapter
   @NotNull @Min(5)
   private Integer myIntProperty;

the myIntProperty is checked during deployment if has a value greater or equal to 5. If it doesn't the deployment will fail.

You can checkout Emmanuel's blog for more information about the bean validation implementation and its status. You can find the various requirements for the JCA integration in the JCA specification.

The road ahead

In the next release we will focus on creating an embedded JCA environment which we'll use for our test suite, but also provide an end user API such that you can actually test your resource adapter from within a JUnit test. If you are interested in this feel free to drop by our forum. If you are interested in doing testing for the entire application server you should check out this wiki.

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You !

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