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Let me preface this by saying up front that, yes, I am fed up with Maven. In the 2 years since I decided to switch Hibernate over to use Maven for its build tool I don't think that Maven has lived up to making builds any easier. Quite the contrary, in fact. Previously though there was not really been any other option. At that time ant/ivy combo was just starting to gain traction. Not to mention that I do like the notion of build-by-convention which Ant just does not provide.

Bugs aside, most of the problems I have with Maven in dealing with Hibernate stem from Maven's assumption that all projects are independently releasable. The problem here is that this extends to sub-projects or modules as well. With Hibernate, the decision to utilize sub-projects was made solely for the purpose of isolating dependencies to various pieces of optional Hibernate functionality. For example, we have a sub-project specific to dealing with c3p0 as a provider of JDBC connections. The dependency in Hibernate on the c3p0 artifact is isolated completely in this module. So as a user you can simply tell maven that you are using hibernate-core and hibernate-c3p0 and have the transitive dependencies set up correctly. I did not set up these sub-projects so that I could release hibernate-c3p0 independently at some time. I have no desire do go that route as it causes nothing but confusion IMO. Even if nothing were to change in the classes in hibernate-c3p0 I would much rather have that get bumped to the new standardized version.

So anyway, what are the issues with this assumption? Well the first is that I cannot simply 'change directory' into a sub-project directory and build it and expect Maven to build the other projects upon which this sub-project depends for me automatically. For example, I cannot 'cd' into the hibernate-c3p0 project directory and run 'mvn compile' and expect Maven to first compile the hibernate-core project for me even though hibernate-c3p0 depends upon it. This may not sound like a big deal, but Hibernate is a big project with 14 jar-producing projects (not to mention numerous support projects like documentation and distribution-builders). Having to 'cd' around all those different projects just to compile a dependency graph that Maven already know about seems silly. But again, Maven must do this because of this assumption of project independence

The other issue has to do with the notoriously bad support for performing releases. This has bitten me every time I have tried to do a Hibernate release with Maven using it's release plugin. In fact it just caused a 3 day delay in the Hibernate 3.5.0.Beta-1 release. I know the release plugin is just a wrapper around a few mvn commands you can run yourself (in fact that's how I finally ended the 3 day 3.5.0.Beta-1 release marathon); the issue is again back to Maven's support for multi-project builds. The release plugin is the only current plugin which offers support for managing the numerous version declarations that are required throughout all the sub-projects. So when releasing a project with multiple sub-projects you have 2 options: (1) use the release plugin or (2) (a) update the pom versions manually (b) commit (c) r-tag (d) update the pom versions manually (e) commit (f) checkout the tag (g) perform the mvn deploy. Sure would be nice if the version management stuff from the release plugin were usable separately.

The other build tools I have been looking at briefly are (1) gradle, (2) buildr and (3) simple-build-tool. Anyone have practical experience with any of these, or suggestions on others we should look at?

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