JBoss JCA 1.0.0.Alpha2 is out

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We are happy to announce the second developer snapshot of the JBoss JCA project which implements the upcoming Java Connector Architecture 1.6 (JSR-322) specification.

The release

We have worked in various areas for this release and the container now features

  • A new logging framework which bridges all existing Java logging frameworks out there
  • A remotable POJO naming server
  • Initial support for the JCA 1.6 annotations

Our community member Gurkan Erdogdu have been working on the new WorkManager implementation which have seen a lot of activity during this development cycle.

Of course there are other changes too - check out our release notes.


The JCA 1.6 specification features annotations which will help ease the development of a resource adapter, since you now don't have to specify a long ra.xml file :)

import javax.resource.spi.Connector;
import javax.resource.spi.TransactionSupport;

 * My resource adapter
      vendorName = "My company",
      eisType = "My EIS",
      version = "0.1",
      transactionSupport = TransactionSupport.TransactionSupportLevel.LocalTransaction,
      reauthenticationSupport = false)
public class MyResourceAdapter implements ResourceAdapter

Other annotations include

  • Activation
  • AdministeredObject
  • AuthenticationMechanism
  • ConfigProperty
  • ConnectionDefinition
  • ConnectionDefinitions
  • SecurityPermission

Their JavaDoc is included in the release.

Please, send your feedback about the annotations to the expert group. We are currently going over them and implementing the sparse XSD that is needed.

Next development cycle

We are currently looking at the Bean Validation integration, so hopefully we'll see some changes in that area soon.

If you are interested in helping out with the project in any way drop by our forum !

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You !

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