Hibernate Search is a library that integrates Hibernate ORM with Apache Lucene or Elasticsearch by automatically indexing entities, enabling advanced search functionality: full-text, geospatial, aggregations and more. For more information, see Hibernate Search on hibernate.org.

Aaron and I will be talking about Hibernate Search and how it can complement your database when you need to scale big, like in... ahem a cloud. It's on Wednesday, June 3 at 9:45 am in Hall 134. I know it's early, someone in the program committee did not like us so much ;)

I will also do an author signing session of Hibernate Search in Action the same day Wed, June 3 at the JavaOne bookstore.

I will also discuss Bean Validation (JSR-303), what it does and how it integrates in Java EE 6 (which I will demo on stage) and any other architecture. This will be Thursday, June 4 at 13:30 in Hall 134. The latest version of the spec is always available here at least till we make it final. Hibernate Validator 4, the reference implementation is well underway, give it a try.

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