Although this is old news, just to make a simple blog announcement,
DZone posted my MC part II. article, the title is Advanced Dependency Injection and IoC.

It's about how we do DI/IoC in MC, not what others don't do.
The advanced notion relates to usage beyond simple attribute/property injection.

For all those who missed JBVE announcement on other blogs, here is the link:

I hear the speakers are great. ;-)

And I'm sorry to admit we found our first ugly bug in JBoss5. :-(

There is already an ongoing discussion on the forum

And yesterday I hacked this new impl of VFS cache

It's a combination of permanent entries (the main roots) + real cache for any other possible new roots.
I'm already running some simple long running tests on my home server to check how this new cache handles the issue,
but any real life/scenario feedback is more than welcome - simply post your results to some of the before mentioned existing forum posts.

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