Alexander Snaps and I were asked a few moments ago to do a emergency step-in Monday morning at Devoxx because Mike Keith will not be able to make it.

Therefor Mike's University talk A Persistence Journey - From XML to JPA and Back Again will be replaced with the following talk:

JPA in practice/KickStart JPA

The talk will give a good overview of JPA and related tooling, providing a good kickstart for those getting started with JPA. The talk will also cover more advanced issues and discuss common pitfalls of using JPA.

We will start of with an introduction to JPA covering all the interesting bits of the spec and move into presenting how to use JPA effectively showing best practices and guidelines for using it. In the latter part of the talk we will present Eclipse Dali, the JPA tooling at Eclipse and Hibernate Tools a set of plug-ins that works with Dali and provides Hibernate support.

The talk will be open for questions and moderate discussion during the presentation/demo.

The Devoxx agenda will be updated shortly.

See you there!

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