Microcontainer goes 2.0.0.GA

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What better time to start blogging here as on the day we push our 2years+ work out as GA ready.
By our work I mean JBoss Microcontainer project, MC for short name. ;-)

So, I'm happy to announce that we've finally went 2.0.0.GA with MC.

  • Reflect 2.0.2.GA
  • VFS 2.0.0.GA
  • MDR 2.0.1.GA
  • Managed 2.0.0.GA
  • Kernel 2.0.2.GA
  • ClassLoader 2.0.1.GA
  • Deployers 2.0.3.GA

And the piece that binds my blog with other Seam bloggers

All MC sub-projects are fully mavenized, hence making it super easy to use.
We're a bit behind with documentation, but we'll be happy to help you on our forums:

For some light reading / coding check my DZone article along with its demos:

JBoss people blogging about it:

Cool customizations

And for all who will be at Devoxx, come and grab me if you wanna talk about MC. ;-)

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