Devoxx, the show formerly known as JavaPolis is coming up soon and while I was preparing for my talks I started browsing the full program and saw it is going to be great for anyone interested in Hibernate, Seam, JBoss Tools, JBoss AS and other JBoss technologies.

The list below is what I could find by browsing the program and it is a mix of JBoss and non-JBoss speakers. There is so many that I'm just going to list them and let the titles speak for them self:


Kickstart JPA/JPA in Practice by Max Rydahl Andersen and Alexander Snaps

Scaling Hibernate: tips, recipes and new perspectives BOF by Emmanuel Bernard and Max Rydahl Andersen.

A successful search, a happy user: make it happen! by Emmanuel Bernard

Envers - Easy Entity Versioning by Adam Warski.

Sharding in Hibernate by Andrew Glover.

Hibernate Performance Tuning by Volker Bergmann.

Seam and Web Beans

Introduction to Web Beans by Pete Muir

Seam in Action by Dan Allan

Seam, Web Beans and JBoss Tools BOF by Dan Allan, Pete Muir and Max Rydahl Andersen.

JSF, Ajax, and Seam portlet development with the JBoss Portlet Bridge by Thomas Heute

JBoss Seam and beyond by The RealDolmen and Belgium JBUG quartet.

JBoss Tools & Developer Studio

Editing xml and html with JBoss Visual Page Editor by Max Rydahl Andersen

Making full use of Hibernate Tools by Max Rydahl Andersen


JBoss Application Server 5 by Dimitris Andreadis and Ales Justin

Declarative programming with Rules, Workflow and Event Processing by Mark Proctor and Kris Verlaenen

Profiler, the better debugger by Heiko Rupp

Systems management with project RHQ by Heiko Rupp

The JBoss SOA Platform by Mark Little

Mobicents Sip Servlets - Telco applications in Java by Vladimir Ralev

If I missed any, let me know ;)

Besides the above list I found that the program otherwise is looking really interesting this year - i'm looking forward to visit Antwerp again.

See you there.

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