JBoss Developer Studio 2 Beta is now freely available if you go through the registration form on this page.

The free version does not include access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, nor access to RHN with 1 year guaranteed updates etc. It is solely a beta version of the upcoming Developer Studio 2. Existing customers also have access to the beta through their normal software channels to JBoss/Red Hat.

JBoss Developer Studio 2 Beta comes with a simple installer which setups and configures the following:

  1. Eclipse 3.4 + Web Tools 3.0
  2. JBoss Tools 3 Beta (sans Smooks)
  3. TestNG and SpringIDE 2
  4. EAP 4.3 w/Seam 2 Feature Pack

Everything ready to use out-of-the-box.

Developer Studio now also supports SOA-P 4.3 (available as a separate download). If you are an exsiting SOA-P user or want to try it out I've created a wiki document explaining how to best setup your SOA-P installation with Developer Studio.

The Smooks tooling is still considered experimental and thus are not yet bundled with Developer Studio, but if you follow the links to JBoss Tools 3 Beta you can download Smooks stand-alone and try it out.

As always, this is a beta thus your feedback is very much appreciated in our forums

Have fun!

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